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SPELL - New Year Spell.

To Draw What You Desire For The New Year

For this spell you will need a small container or drawstring bag
a white candle and candle holder
a small handful of seeds a small stone

Safely light the white candle and place in the holder to keep it safe.
Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath as you imagine the positive things that you would like to invite into your life for the New Year.
Imagine what you desire coming towards you and entering your life.
As you breath in concentrate on them flowing inwards towards your life.
Hold the thought of them as you breath out.
Continue this process of gently breathing in and imagining your chosen things drawing towards you and breathing out.

You can focus on several things or you can just focus on one important thing.
Do this for as long as you feel comfortable perhaps 5 or 6 times
(don't try to do it for too long as you will only lose the focus!).

When you are ready say:
As the new day dawns
As the New Year starts
I send my wish to farthest parts

The day is new
The day is bright
I draw to me the things I might


Sprinkle the seeds into your bag or container saying:
"May the seeds of new growth draw (say what you wish to draw into your life) into my life"

Place the stone into your bag or container saying:
"May the essence of the Earth focus and draw (say what you wish to draw into your life) into my life"

Carefully drop a few drops of candle wax onto the items saying:
"I seal you in that you may find me"
If you are using a drawstring bag pull the string tightly across the bag.

Carefully blow out the candle and say:
"So Mote it Be!"

Take the bag or bowl outside and dig a small hole in the earth
(a flowerpot is a good place to do this as it can remain undisturbed).
Put the bag in or tip the contents from the bowl into the hole and quickly cover it back over as you say:
"So Mote it be!"

When Casting Spells with candles always take care to ensure they are burnt safely and not left unattended.
Always handle hot candles and wax with care.